Monday, February 16, 2009

Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!!!

I loved the Super Friends. I loved the Legion of Doom. I even loved it when they trotted out the politically correct heroes who just so happened to match almost every genetic heritage (Black Vulcan, Apache Chief, Samurai, Rima the Jungle Girl, El Dorado).

What I wasn't too thrilled about was the use of the sidekicks. At first it was "Wendy, Marvin and Wonder-Dog". This is too lame to garner more than a passing mention. "Zan and Jana", however, are more than just lame. They defy any use of common sense - and I love ridiculousness. The girl, "Jana", changes into animals - I get it, good power. The boy, "Zan", can change into water or something made of ice. What kind of drugs were the script writers on? An ice cage? Breath on it really hard, and you're free! Whenever they had to go anywhere, Zan changed into water and was carried in a bucket by Gleek the pet monkey!

The way I figure it is this: The writers thought that Wendy, Marvin and Wonder-Dog were too stupid to continue and so they tried to think up something better. Alien shape shifters who have to touch to use their powers... good start. And then for some reason, the whole travel in a bucket and turn into ice things comes up and ruins the show for several years.

Super Friends - Like em.
Legion of Doom - Like em.
Wonder Twins - Garbage.

Go on with your bad self!

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