Thursday, October 29, 2009

Adventures in Barcelona

Like it! Like it! Like it!

I know I'm supposed to end with ratings, not begin with them, but being on my honeymoon has me overflowing with ebullience.

Delta performed near flawlessly - two minor hiccups during the reservation process, each time Delta CSRs managed me in my angst ridden "OMG! Is my honeymoon gonna crash and burn?" state and made everything right.

We managed to use the metro to get to our hotel (Grand Central). A little hiking involved, but I can stand to lose a few pounds anyway.

The hotel is very, very nice. 3 strong points: 1) Comfortable Bed, 2) Nice Pillow, 3) Blackout Curtains. 3 "Could be betters": 1) The clock in the room was an hour fast, 2) The shower head droops, 3) Oops! Only 2! So much for parallelism.

Other hotel goodies: Nice staff, DVD player in room, free minibar, bittersweet choclates, middle of the gothic quarter, pool on the roof.

Walked around Barcelona, eating at cafes and restaurants (The coffee here is truly magnificent!).

Saw a flamenco show - very impressive, so much emotion is conveyed in the dance.

Today's plan: We don't really have a plan as such, we'll probably go to the Picasso Museum &/or the Gaudi Cathedral.

Yes, I do like Barcelona. More notes tomorrow.

Peace out.

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Deana Goldasich said...

You're off to a great start! Looking forward to following your adventures!